[ANN] [users] Two new capsules and a server

Omar Polo op at omarpolo.com
Mon Feb 1 13:51:42 GMT 2021

Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> writes:

> [...]
>   You don't split the query.  You pass it in, as is, from the request, in
> QUERY_STRING.  Play around with:
> 	gemini://gemini.conman.org/cgi
> It will show all the variables, command line arguments and a breakdown of
> the query string.

Thanks for providing that page.  I played a bit with it while fixing my
CGI implementation and now I believe gmid behaves just like GLV-1.12556
does (minus the argument list).  I have to do some changes in order to
access the raw query string when I'm about to execute the CGI script.

One thing that your page doesn't show are the TLS-related environment
variables.  I remember you wrote about them in a previous message on
this list.

I built a similar page, hosted at


>> Of course I'd like to have a complete CGI support, and not something
>> merely closer, so I'll take some time to read how other servers are
>> handling them, starting from your GLV-1.12556.
>   Warning about my server---the CGI implementation also allows one to run
> CGI scripts for a webserver (and Apache in particular) so be aware of that.
>> I'd like too, as pointed by John Cowan, to have a best-practices or a
>> companion specification for CGI on Gemini, as RFC3875 seems quite
>> HTTP-specific, but I don't think I'm the most qualified to write one :D
>   It's not as HTTP-specific as it may seem---the only bit where it's an
> issue is the REQUEST_METHOD.  My server sets it to "" (as there is no method
> for Gemini, and what I think it should be, given RFC-3875 makes it
> mandatory); others set it to "GET".  Aside from that, it's quite generic.
>   -spc

Right, skimming through it gave me the wrong impression.  That are
various places were HTTP is blatantly assumed (just grep 404), but
otherwise it seems easily applicable to Gemini.


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