Another text/gemini to html, but in AWK

Draco Metallium(Rodrigo S. Cañibano) draco.kun at
Wed Feb 3 05:22:15 GMT 2021

Hi! I just made another `text/gemini` to html translator, but this
time written in AWK.

It might not be the fastest translator, but I think it's fast enough.
On a tp-link mr320 (with only 32mb of ram and just 265.42 BogoMIPS) it
can convert a 15.2K gemini file in 0.149s, and 1000 of them in just
under 10 minutes. Also, it is short, just 135 lines of code, which
includes some "fancy" stuff like changing local links to gmi files to
point to the html version.

Maybe someone will find a use for it.

Here is the code:


Draco Metallium

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