[ANN] [users] GemPKG: explore the OpenBSD port tree

Omar Polo op at omarpolo.com
Sat Feb 6 10:01:21 GMT 2021


I'd like to announce GemPKG, a CGI script to search and explore the
OpenBSD package collection over Gemini.  It's available at


It's a simple python script that uses the sqlite database provided by
the sqlports package and features full-text search, per-category
listings and port pages.  It tracks OpenBSD-CURRENT, and is
automatically update every couple of days.

The sources are here[0][1], but please keep in mind that it's the first
time I write in python, don't cringe too much.  Patches and/or PR are
welcome :)


For the more technical inclined: I have a robots.txt that should exclude
all the pages from most bots, but I would appreciate if somebody could
double check if it's correct.  My reasoning is:
 - disallow archivers: it's all dynamically generated data, and if
   you're interested in preserving it, backup the CVS repository!
 - disallow indexers: I don't want to overload GUS & co with 10'000+ pages
 - disallow researcher: it doesn't represent the geminispace IMHO
 - allow webproxies: these are legit users



Omar Polo

[0]: https://git.omarpolo.com/gempkg
[1]: https://github.com/omar-polo/gempkg

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