[Help] Multi-protocol site trouble

Miguel de Luis Espinosa enteka at fastmail.com
Sat Feb 6 12:48:18 GMT 2021

Hi all, I've searched around a bit, but I cannot seem to find an answer to my problem. I have this enteka.xyz gemini, gopher and website.

So I set these three up and saw no issues. However at some point the https//enteka.xyz stopped working. I wasn't much bothered as at the time I was basically done with it. However, I'm uploading a "gamebook" (the Choose your own adventure type + some "virtual dice") done on JS and so I needed a website. 

I thought on setting up a new domain name, server and all for that, but thought it would be a waste. So, I've added ipv6 support, and reset the server and the website is back. However, I might have done something wrong before because the website stopped working the first time when I activated the gemini server.

So, not sure if I missed something that could have made my whole setting unstable. Or should I just have separate domain names as a best practice?

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