[Tech] Language curiosities

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at sources.org
Mon Feb 8 10:56:14 GMT 2021

[Found in the database of the Lupa crawler]

Russian just appeared among the languages in the Geminispace. Only one
capsule tags its content in russian, <gemini://spline-online.tk/> but
note there are other russian-speaking capsules, without language tags,
such as <gemini://hugeping.tk/>.

There is only one page tagged in german, and it is a translation of
the Gemini specification
<gemini://qwertqwefsday.eu/specification.de.gmi>. Any other
translations somewhere?

Only one capsule tags texts as korean and it's beautiful (at least
with Lagrange):

Nothing in arabic, hindi, tamil or chinese (mandarin) spotted yet.

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