[Tech] Yet another Gemini, a quantum one

Hans Gerwitz hans at gerwitz.com
Mon Feb 8 16:13:41 GMT 2021

I was really hoping this subject line meant someone had a quantum computer hosting a Gemini server!

(Since this is my first post: Hello, world! I just launched my capsule today, but there’s no real content yet: gemini://tilde.club/~gerwitz/ )

– Hans Gerwitz

> On Feb 8, 2021, at 17:03, Stephane Bortzmeyer <stephane at sources.org> wrote:
> "SpinQ Gemini is a commercial desktop quantum computer designed and
> manufactured by SpinQ Technology. It is an integrated
> hardware-software system. The first generation product with two qubits
> was launched in January 2020. The hardware is based on NMR
> spectrometer, with permanent magnets providing ∼ 1 T magnetic
> field. SpinQ Gemini operates under room temperature (0-30 ◦ C),
> highlighting its lightweight (55 kg with a volume of 70×40×80 cm 3 ),
> cost-effective (under 50k USD), and maintenance-free."
> https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.10017.pdf
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