Proposal to drop double slashes from URL syntax

Daniel Nagy danielnagy at
Tue Feb 9 16:12:57 GMT 2021


I want to propose to drop the double slashes from the gemini URL 

The reason for this is that they dont serve any semantic value and 
while the
project is still young, I think it could still be changed. So 
instead of


we would have:

In fact, Sir Tim Berners-Lee apologized[0] for introducing them in 
the http URL
syntax. I see the following advantages and disadvantages:

  - Less typing
  - Less wasted screenspace
  - Less transfered bytes and less stored bytes on disk and memory

  - Newcomers might see familiarities with http in the double 
  slashed syntax and
    recognize, that the following token is a hostname, which will 
    be contacted.
    There is a chance that, without the slashes, newcomers might 
    something else than a hostname after the color, although I 
    personally think
    that chance is low.
  - Implementations would need to adapt to this and some URL 
  parsers in their
    respective languages might not support the parsing of such 
  - Automatic URL detectors, like for example a terminal emulators 
  where you can
    click on a URL and it openes, might have trouble detecting 
    this URL form and
    therefore not recognize links. Those terminal emulators would 
    need adaption.

Of course, the double slashed syntax could still be supported, but 
the more
compact format could be encouraged. Any feedback or suggestions 
would greatly be



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