Re outreach and YouTubers

Chris Were chriswere at
Tue Feb 9 16:59:36 GMT 2021

Hello Gemini mailing list,

My name's Chris Were and I run a small PeerTube/YouTube. Please forgive 
any breach in protocol, I'm not used to mailing lists.

I noticed that YouTubers were mentioned as part of gemini outreach and 
wanted to let you all know that I, for one, am incredibly excited to be 
part of this growing community of talented individuals. I'm no-where 
near as knowledgable as those on this list, but I'm thoroughly enjoying 
learning about self-hosting and this amazing new internet protocol.

I'm open to feedback as to how I might help grow the community, but I 
also understand there's a degree of animosity about YouTubers. I'd just 
like to say that I really hope to be a constructive community member 
when it comes to gemini outreach and I'm sure speak others in that 
sentiment. We may get things wrong, but I assure you all that our hearts 
are in the right place.

I'll be talking about gemini more on my channel, but I'd like to ask the 
list; are there are any specific things you'd like people to know, such 
as common misconceptions, or certain strengths gemini has? Is there any 
misinformation about gemini out there you feel might need correcting?

*Don't forget to smash that like button,*
Chris Were

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