gemini browsers

Omar Polo op at
Tue Feb 9 17:50:52 GMT 2021

Ben Bader <ben at> writes:

> My personal take is that user privacy and control are cornerstone
> principles of the Gemini project, and to me that implies that user agents
> should maximize user choice.  Auto-loading images could lead to user
> tracking, and users should be in charge of when and how they expose
> themselves to such.

I completely agree with you, I just wanted to emphasise that it's
an important cultural thing, as nothing really prevents clients to start
auto-downloading images, pre-fetching pages and all that evil stuff.

> But then again, who would use a web browser that didn't show pictures?  Not
> many.
> A pragmatic choice (and one I'm taking in my own browser) is to have a
> setting to enable inline image display.
> Just my two cents.
> Ben

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