Proposal to drop double slashes from URL syntax

Daniel Nagy danielnagy at
Tue Feb 9 21:33:07 GMT 2021

> Also, the gemini spec specifically says:
>> This scheme is syntactically compatible with the generic URI 
>> syntax
>> defined in RFC 3986, ut does not support all components of the 
>> generic
>> syntax. In particular, the authority component is allowed and
>> required.
> Section 
> 1.2
> Now, this is obviously what you're talking about changing, but 
> there's
> good reasons to be compliant with the URI spec (which, as 
> previously
> mentioned, mandates "//" precedes an authority).  The most 
> compelling
> reason being that there's a URI library for every programming 
> language
> that's ever been used in the past 30 years, and a main goal of 
> gemini is
> to reuse existing specifications where it's not necessary to 
> save people
> the trouble of having to roll their own everything.  This is the 
> same
> reason that gemini uses DNS and TLS despite their respective 
> problems.
> They already exist, they're standardized, and they're well used 
> by
> everyone already.

I agree, adhering to a widely used standard and therefore being 
able to
use well established libraries is important. My expectation was, 
that it
would be compatible to the standard, but it looks like it is not.

What also contributed to this expectation is that I can still
differentiate where a hostname ends and a path starts, since 
cannot contain slashes.

> I hope I don't seem rude here, I'm just trying to lay out the 
> general
> position clearly.
No rudeness experience from here. Thank you for your clarifying 
I am happy to have learned about gemini and hope that I can help 
someday in the future.

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