Proposal to drop double slashes from URL syntax

Philip Linde linde.philip at
Wed Feb 10 08:48:01 GMT 2021

On Tue, 09 Feb 2021 17:12:57 +0100
Daniel Nagy <danielnagy at> wrote:

> The reason for this is that they dont serve any semantic value

They do serve a semantic value. They signify the beginning of the
authority portion of an URI. Not all URIs contain authorities, and
the authoriy means something in the sense that there is a standardized
way to interpret it. That you don't think that this semantic value is
important, or that it's an important characteristic of Gemini to rely
on existing standards is a different matter.

So to add to your list, further disadvantages:
- Can't rely as heavily on existing URI standards
- "Encouraged" standards lead to unreliable support

For those miniscule advantages I don't see why this should be

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