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Alexis flexibeast at
Wed Feb 10 08:56:31 GMT 2021

Stephane Bortzmeyer <stephane at> writes:

> My experience with promoting Gemini is that, in almost every 
> case, the
> criticisms I hear against Gemini are addressed in the FAQ, 
> section
> 2. And, most of the times, well addressed, in my opinion.

Indeed. i've encountered people discussing Gemini as something 
intended to supersede the Web, even though the opening text of states:

> Gemini is a new internet protocol which:
>    Is heavier than gopher
>    Is lighter than the web
>    Will not replace either

and FAQ 1.4 states:

> 1.4 Do you really think you can replace the web?
> Not for a minute! Nor does anybody involved with Gemini want to 
> destroy Gopherspace. Gemini is not intended to replace either 
> Gopher or the web, but to co-exist peacefully alongside them as 
> one more option which people can freely choose to use if it 
> suits them.

That said, in terms of FAQ 1.1:

> You may think of Gemini as "the web, stripped right back to its 
> essence" or as "Gopher, souped up and modernised a little", 
> depending upon your perspective.

i prefer the latter perspective, as i think the former tends to 
encourage people to think of Gemini along the lines of, say, HTTP 
1.1 and HTML 3.2.


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