Gemini Server with multiple Language support

devel at devel at
Wed Feb 10 13:27:54 GMT 2021

Hi all!

I'm Martin from Augsburg, in the south of Germany. At first I'm happy to 
have found this nice community. I'm reading this list for a few days 
now. :-)

I'm planning to set up a server with English and German language 
support. I had some experiments with Agate, but in Agate one can set a 
language definition just for each and every single file or for the whole 

Is there a Gemini server with language setting on directory level or 
such and otherwise just for hosting gemtext??

For me it seems, that there is nearly no German language content up to 
now, or at least I did not find it. So to lower the barrier for new 
German people interested in Gemini I'd like to provide some content 
instead just on my own weblog, where btw I did write an article about 
Gemini in German language:

Writing the link on an extra line is just to not confuse anybody ;-)

Later I'd like to learn Go and try coding a small game or bot or such. 
Since the protocol allows single line input this could be a fun thing.


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