Gemini Server with multiple Language support

Omar Polo op at
Wed Feb 10 13:43:39 GMT 2021

devel at <devel at> writes:

> Hi all!
> I'm Martin from Augsburg, in the south of Germany. At first I'm happy
> to have found this nice community. I'm reading this list for a few
> days now. :-)
> I'm planning to set up a server with English and German language
> support. I had some experiments with Agate, but in Agate one can set a
> language definition just for each and every single file or for the
> whole server.
> Is there a Gemini server with language setting on directory level or
> such and otherwise just for hosting gemtext??

Shameless self-promotion: gmid[0][1] supports location rules and lets
you customize the language.  A configuration like this would do the job:

    server "" {
        cert "..."
        key  "..."
        root "..."

        # default lang...
        lang "en"

        # ... except for documents under the "de" directory.
        location "/de/*" {
            lang "de"


[1]: gemini://

> For me it seems, that there is nearly no German language content up to
> now, or at least I did not find it. So to lower the barrier for new
> German people interested in Gemini I'd like to provide some content
> instead just on my own weblog, where btw I did write an article about
> Gemini in German language:
> Writing the link on an extra line is just to not confuse anybody ;-)
> Later I'd like to learn Go and try coding a small game or bot or
> such. Since the protocol allows single line input this could be a fun
> thing.
> Martin

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