Gemini and Tor

shardiame shardiame at
Wed Feb 10 13:59:37 GMT 2021

Just in case anyone else is as intrigued by the idea of Tor and Gemini together (or wants to read why I am excited by it...)

- I like Tor
- easy to self host (no DNS, no VPS or NAT holes)
- pretty darn anonymous
- safe for clients (protocol makes leaking client details hard)
- safer for server (tiny attack surface)

I wrote up this post on Gemini and Tor, along with some generic "why Gemini" stuff.

Here is the Gemini version (without the love letter to Gemini since if you are reading this you've probably drunk the Koolaid).


Over the coming weeks I have some plans to build up a self contained Gemini via. Tor Hidden Service server in GoLang.  


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