Gemini Server with multiple Language support

devel at devel at
Wed Feb 10 20:46:47 GMT 2021

Hi Sean,

thanks, I will give it a try, though today I set up gmid from Omar. 
Well, in the moment I'm having much fun trying out all the new stuff. 
The only missing thing is content :-D

Ciao, Martin

Am 10.02.21 um 20:58 schrieb Sean Conner:
> It was thus said that the Great devel at once stated:
>> Hi all!
>    Hello!
>> Is there a Gemini server with language setting on directory level or
>> such and otherwise just for hosting gemtext??
>    GLV-1.12556 [1] can set the language attribute globally, per host, per
> directory and if you are so willing, per file.
>    -spc (Disclaimer:  I wrote GLV-1.12556)
> [1]

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