A proxy for Web pages in Gemini

Nader K. Rad me at nader.pm
Wed Feb 10 22:46:34 GMT 2021

Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and I've set up my Gemini capsule only a couple of days ago. I was writing a new article today when I had to reference a Web page, and I started thinking: What if there's a Web proxy for Gemini?

I've seen Gemini proxies for Web, but not the other way around. Instead of external links, writers can add a link via the proxy, and the readers can stay in Gemini and read the referenced article.

For example, if the proxy is at gemini://example.proxy, and the writer wants to link to https://example.com, they can add a link to gemini://example.proxy?https://example.com. When the proxy receives such a request, it can pass the link to Mozilla's readability script to clean it up, and then pipe the output through another script to convert it to gemtext. A link to the original Web page can be added to the top, in case the readability script couldn't do its job well enough. The output will be served to the user, and it will be cached for future requests (for one month, for example). 

Any ideas?
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