[SPEC] Shouldn't Alt-Text be standarized?

devel at datenbrei.de devel at datenbrei.de
Thu Feb 11 17:16:59 GMT 2021

Am 11.02.21 um 17:26 schrieb Miguel de Luis Espinosa:
> As I was reviewing the spec, following Jason McBrayer bit of advice, I came to this part
> ...
> Very nice, but what exactly do I put there?
 > ---
As far as I read this you can put there whatever you want.

What I think about this is, that like in Markdown one could technically 
tag or mark what kind of code or fixed format text this is. This would 
force no client to implement anything, but would open possibilities to 
those, that want.

If we use this instead for alternate text, what means a different use, 
namely a human readable and maybe longer description of the following 
text, the first more technically use is not available anymore.

If I would have invented this I would technically mark the fixed text as 
in Markdown and additionally add those text on the closing uptickt - we 
have the leading and the closing upticks, why not use them both?

Especially for blind people it would be good if a screenreader could 
technically know what kind of fixed width text this is and handle it 
accordingly while still providing (blind) human readable meta information.

Just my two €-cents...


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