[ANN] First experiment

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Thu Feb 11 21:00:37 GMT 2021

It was thus said that the Great filip at tilde.club once stated:
> Greetings all. I've discovered gemini (and with it, the tildeverse) a few 
> days ago. I would like to share my first non-trivial foray into gemini 
> (and cgi):
> gemini://tilde.club/~filip/kjv/kjv.cgi
> The gemspace is refreshing and I hope the project continues well.

  I tried it out and it appears that you aren't properly decoding the query
string.  This reference (which my client is sending):


doesn't return anything.  If I send this request by hand (openssl s_connect
... )


it does.

  And except for the search function, it's very similar to a section on my



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