[users] Re: Promoting Gemini, is anyone working on outreach?

Frank Purcell arisbe at protonmail.com
Fri Feb 12 03:56:50 GMT 2021

I am a total newbie here, looking to help people migrate from the mainline social media to something more like the Internet of the '90s.  I don't know how folks on this list feel about gemlog.blue as a gateway drug, but signup and posting are about as simple as it gets, and you can post a proxy http link to your blog on any medium, or in email. Sooner or later the standard browsers will recognize the protocol and invoke a proxy, as some already do with ipfs.

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On Wednesday, February 10, 2021 10:15 AM, Jason McBrayer <jmcbray at carcosa.net> wrote:

> karmstrong at artorinix.com writes:
> > My responsibility is in the technology arena, and I have been toying
> > with the idea of bringing up a 'gentle introduction to gemini'. If
> > anyone has ideas as to what would be a good approach to bring new
> > people into the sphere, I would welcome them. Just like the very early
> > web, there was a higher-barrier to entry. Gemini has that now, but I
> > was thinking of a good step-by-step starter tutorial with some
> > explanations on how to get a person set up 1. on an existing gemini
> > hosting service 2. on their own server. What do you all think?
> After a discussion with some friends on a private Matrix room a couple
> days ago, I was convinced of the need for a kind of Gemini "quickstart"
> for completely non-technical users.
> I've registered geminiquickst.art, and have been writing content for it,
> but I haven't actually set the server up. Probably soon, once the main
> page is up. So far, I have been focusing on the even more basic issue of
> "what is a Gemini client, and how do I install one?", because this is
> actually the first sticking point that people run into. I'm also going
> to address the issue of how to find things to read.
> Hosting is going to be a bigger issue, IMO. To my eyes, sites like
> flounder.online and midnight.pub go a long way to make getting a Gemini
> presence set up easier, but in discussion with my less technical
> friends, I learned that things about their sign-up processes can be
> off-putting and feel unsafe. I have thoughts about how to handle this,
> but for now, I'm probably going to punt on the hosting section.
> I'd like to fairly rapidly get hosting a Gemini capsule to be "as
> simple as hosting a Geocities site in 1996", and from there, make
> progress towards "as simple as having a LiveJournal in 2004", the catch
> being is that I want to do this with as little Web Platform technology
> as possible, and preferably none.
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