Should Gemini clients alert users upon redirect?

Sandra Snan sandra.snan at
Fri Feb 12 14:25:15 GMT 2021

Revisiting this issue, I want to clarify what my position was and is.

Bogan's case is that you don't want to be doing a bunch of 301s&31s from
unslashed to slashed all day every day.

I agree with that, and my site was definitely borked (both on HTTPS and
Gemini) for being set up to do just that.

Bogan's solution is that you add slashes to links.

I am not onboard with that solution but have now found another solution.
Instead of 301/31, the unslashed versions will now serve the text

This is what I intended all along, I just could not figure out how to do
it properly because I am secretly really bad at computers^W being
motivated to hack on server stuff.

In the future I might add 301/31 from slashed to unslashed, since that's
the canonical version. That's a project for another day though.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with how messed up my capsule has


Sandra Snan <sandra.snan at> writes:

> That might be me.
> I am already aware of Bogan's case, I read it back in 2002.
> I find the arguments for slashless more convincing than the arguments against.
> Please just change that setting in the client.
> Thank you♥
> mailinglists at writes:
>> Background reading:
>> =>
>> In the above article, Dan Bogan makes a case for adding slashes to the end of all URLs.† I thought it was convincing, so that's how I've been rolling for years.
>> One of my current favorite Gemini clients, by default, alerts the user when following a link and gives the user an option to continue or abort the navigation.
>> One of the capsules I visit from both CAPCOM and Spacewalk has links that are all trailing-slashless. Not only are the links in CAPCOM/Spacewalk slashless, but the intra-capsule links are as well.
>> Should I be sending a polite change request to the author of the capsule, to the maintainer of the Gemini client, to both, or neither? At least with the Gemini client, I could send along a patch to change the default.
>> ----
>> † Time and CMS changes have not been good to the article. You'll need to hover over the links in the code snippets and look at your link-preview bar/popup to see what he's talking about.

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