Storing capsule pages?

devel at devel at
Sat Feb 13 11:06:29 GMT 2021

Am 12.02.21 um 23:46 schrieb David Emerson:
> I'm interested to hear how you all are updating your capsules.

I push it up with scp. The original files are hold on my notebook which 
is synced with syncthing to a Raspberry Pi every now and then for 
backup. Actually, I don't feel like I would need version management.

On the server side gmid (from Omar Polo) is running. One executable, one 
/etc/gmid.conf file, certificate, key and content under /srv/gemini/ - 
that's it.

Additionally I will install a very small webserver to serve the html 
automatically generated from my gmi files. More about this in my next mail.


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