Storing capsule pages?

Miguel de Luis Espinosa enteka at
Sat Feb 13 11:57:37 GMT 2021

David Emerson wrote

Those who have regularly updated pages, though: how do you update them? I've been thinking I'll just use GitHub to store the capsule root, and reference that from the gemini server, but is there a smarter way?

Er... well, I'm doing it the Toyota way, doing it by hand until I actually get the hang of it. Just started last month, so... but anyway this is what I typically do as of February 2021.

enteka  (just an alias for ssh myserver)
diario (another alias that cd's to the main content directory)
cp lastpost.gemini  newpost.gemini (lastpost and newpost are just placeholder)
vim newpost.gemini (and edit what I need to edit)
gemini (yet another alias for the home directory of my capsule)
vim index.gemini (add a new line for the new post, update the updated line)

And that's mostly it, really, fwiw. It's not perfect by any means but it works for my small gemlog, meaning I can update it daily with few overhead.

Keep the good work,
~ Miguel (Enteka)

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