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> On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 11:46:28PM +0100, David Emerson said unto me:
>> I'm interested to hear how you all are updating your capsules. I'm
>> just building out my infrastructure, and I've decided to use Docker
>> for my gemini server (agate) and for my proxy (kineto).

  rsync -rzaP --delete /media/username/USBDRIVE/Documents/gemini/* 
username at

In this example, the gemini capsule files are kept in a usb drive 
(USDBDRIVE), in the /media/username/USBDRIVE/Documents/gemini/directory 
on a local linux device.  The command is entered into a terminal on the 
local device.  There may be subdirectories under the gemini directory. 
Any changes to the local directory will be written to the .

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