Source Code Control (git)

David Emerson d at
Sat Feb 13 22:53:12 GMT 2021

Indeed, we just had a helpful thread on this, and here's what I implemented a moment ago on my capsule - it's simple:

- Gemini server (agate, in my case) running in Docker
- Static mount in the container at run-time to /var/capsule on my host, which is actually a cloned git repo folder.
- Cronjob on the host to pull the main branch every five minutes or whatever to keep the /var/capsule directory up to date.

You can use post receive hooks too, that would be basically the same.
>> Link to the container definition for the Agage docker:

Feb 13, 2021, 17:05 by louis at

> Am Sa, 13. Feb 2021, um 22:34, schrieb sailboatanon:
>> Hello, everyone.  I am new to this community and I intend to run my capsule in a kubernetes cluster on my existing rpi4 infra.  As part of the CI/CD process for my production launch, I  need a mechanism (like git) for source code control.
>> Before I recreate the wheel, does such a thing exist already?
>> -sba
> Why not use git?

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