Storing capsule pages?

Rohan Kumar seirdy at
Sun Feb 14 03:52:04 GMT 2021

(Replying to this message since I didn't get the parent email for some 

My static {Web,Gemini}site gets built in CI using Hugo. When the build 
is finished, the resulting files get sent over to my VPS using rsync + 
ssh. Both my website and Gemini sites are just directories with files, 
served statically.

I don't need containers or anything of the sort since my Gemini servers 
(agate or gmnisrv, depending on my mood) are both statically-linked 
binaries with no run-time deps besides certs. I also don't need to 
"store" pages in any particular fashion since I can re-generate them at 
any time by running "make" or "hugo".

I try to keep my setup as distro-neutral as possible; I shouldn't have 
to make any major changes whether my server is running Debian, Fedora, 
or Alpine.

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