[ANN] Nim forum on Gemini

ardek66 at tutanota.com ardek66 at tutanota.com
Sun Feb 14 07:33:16 GMT 2021

Hi, I am idf31 at memeware dot net <mailto:idf31 at memeware.net> but the mailhost is down so I had to use another mail account.
If you sent any emails to the address above please resend them to the address I am using right now.

With that being said, I am running a scraper for the Nim forum that allows its content to be displayed on Gemini in gemtext. Its still kinda buggy but in most cases it works just fine.

gemini://idf.looting.uk/cgi/nimforum? <http://idf.looting.uk/cgi/nimforum?7492>p1
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