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mbays at sdf.org mbays at sdf.org
Sun Feb 14 13:36:46 GMT 2021

Announcing gredig, a collaborative language learning exercise.
=> gemini://gemini.thegonz.net/gredig/v

It's a simple CGI-based system I hacked together yesterday, running on 
Molly Brown. The idea is to exploit gemini's international and 
altruistic userbase, and its incorporation of utf8, to help us share our 
linguistic expertise.

You submit a sentence in a language you're trying to learn, then someone 
else expert in the language rewrites it, and you learn by comparing the 
two. Everything is fully pseudonymous, based on client certificate 

I'd be interested to hear what people make of the interface, and how 
well it works in various clients.

For now at least it's all quite minimalist -- in particular there's no 
system to deal with abuse or free-riding. That could be added if it 
proves necessary, but I'm guessing it won't.
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