[Software] Introducing Scorpius

Romain de Laage romain.delaage at rdelaage.ovh
Sun Feb 14 17:44:09 GMT 2021

Hi dear Geminauts,

It's my first message on this mailing list so let me introduce myself. 
My name is Romain de Laage, I'm a young french student in Computer 
Sciences (excuse my english ;) ). I'm a free software, Linux, Raspberry 
Pi and Gnome lover. I discovered Gemini in December 2020. I think this 
protocol could be a solution to some of the HTTP problems so I'm very 
interesting in it.

I used to use Amfora as a Gemini Browser but it is not the most 
wonderful client to promote Gemini to no nerds people. Lagrange is a 
very awesome client but it is not well integrated in Gnome environment 
so I decided to try writing my own Gemini parser and viewer for gnome. 
Say welcome to Scorpius.

For the moment Scorpius can only take a file as argument or open a 
default file, parse and display it. It can't make a gemini request but 
all the text/gemini specification is implemented (I hope).

I will try to work more on this software, and maybe create another 
Gemini browser. You can find it here: 

I'm not a Gtk professional nor a Gemini professional but your comments 
are welcomed.

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