[users] Name for Gemini-style text with links?

Nathan Galt mailinglists at ngalt.com
Mon Feb 15 09:21:40 GMT 2021

Everyone seems to agree that HTML is hypertext, but opinions are split, to say the least, about whether Gemini text is.

Is there a known word for Gemini text-style links?


- Links must be on their own line (as opposed to inline in a paragraph)
- Links may have text associated with them (to tell the user what any given link is about)

I'd like to have a word to describe Gemini-text link style, if only to contrast it with good HTML linking style. In HTML, I can explain something inline with just an unobtrusive link, whereas in Gemini-style text I'd need to explain the reference beforehand (top of paragraph, top of section, top of page, what have you) or afterward (end of paragraph, end of section, end of page).

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