[users] Name for Gemini-style text with links?

Luke Emmet luke at marmaladefoo.com
Mon Feb 15 11:13:44 GMT 2021

On 15-Feb-2021 10:54, Luke Emmet wrote:
> Hypertext does have to be defined by a markup language, like the web 
> or Gemini, but it is a good decentralised and scalable solution. 
> Otherwise you need some sort of centralised system to define the 
> hypertext graph - fine for small in-house hypertexts, but not scalable.

Oof - sorry for the typo - I meant to write "Hypertext does [not] have 
to be defined by ..."

I suppose one might quibble whether Gemtext is markup - I see it as a 
line based markup format since the line type "#, *, => " is embedded in 
the line itself. You can also think of it as a menu like Gophermap, 
although it's not such a strict menu type as a Gophermap, but you can 
see the provenance from that line of thinking.

Gemtext is the unexpected and surprisingly successful love child of 
Gophermaps and Markdown. We all hope to inherit the best attributes from 
each of our parents...


  - Luke

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