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On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 12:23 AM Thomas Frohwein <tfrohwein at>

> >  > clients MUST NOT automatically make any network connections as part of
> >  > displaying links whose scheme corresponds to a network protocol
> >
> adding the rest of that paragraph:
> > [...] (e.g. links beginning with gemini://, gopher://, https://, ftp://
> , etc.).
> This reads to me as though automatically displaying links _without_ a
> network
> protol (e.g. gemini://, gopher://, https://, etc.) would be okay. That
> sounds
> like it applies to relative links pointing to a resource on the same domain
> with the same protocol.

I don't think so, though the wording is ambiguous.  I take it to refer to
both explicit and implicit schemes, but to allow automatic fetching of
file: links, about: links, and others that don't involve the Internet.

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