Math Notation in Gemini?

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Tue Feb 16 20:05:35 GMT 2021

Paper <paper at> wrote:
> I would propose a bit different strategy, link a .tex file and have a
> special client that can render it inline after clicking on the link
> similar to how lagrange renders images.
> This way is much more universal, we don't have to extend gemtext for
> every use case, we can use existing formats.

I agree completely.  I do use LaTeX and related, and I do see the appeal
of inlining it, but keeping gemtext simple forever is more important.  I
can imagine someone designing a renderer (which could use e.g. MathJax
or even just run it through LaTeX) or even a full-blown client for this.
It's also imaginable that some clients in the future support dynamic
(.dll / .so style) libraries which can render inline certain links, but
that's not happened yet (and I think there'd be a debate here on the ML

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