Should Gemini clients alert users upon redirect?

Sean Conner sean at
Wed Feb 17 01:53:04 GMT 2021

It was thus said that the Great Sandra Snan once stated:
> Luke Emmet <luke at> writes:
> > We may imagine a perfectly valid URL /westminster/london/uk - that
> > might make sense for a certain type of application.
> Right. And going to ../ontario or ../france or ../belgrade might be
> legit links from the UK London to other Londons because it's a tree.
> And ../../memphis/tennessee for another Westminster. Because it's a tree.
> But I still feel you're in my corner when it comes to making my capsule
> structure flat. I ended up not sending more than half of my last email
> because it strayed off topic a bit (and this lists gets enough rants as
> it is) but gemini://

  Of the two clients I use (generally but sometimes the
simple one I wrote), this link causes them to fail:


  Namely because both these clients get a redirection to:


but both clients will always send:


(well, I can speak for my own client which does that, I suspect that's
what's happening for  There's language in RFC-3986 about
this particular case (section 6.2.3).


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