"Spy pixels in emails have become endemic"

Louis Brauer louis at brauer.family
Wed Feb 17 14:19:50 GMT 2021

Am Mi, 17. Feb 2021, um 14:58, schrieb Petite Abeille:
> >> C: gemini://example.org
> >> S: 30 gemini://example.org/trackerid
> >> C: gemini://example.org/trackerid
> >> S: 20 text/tracked
> > 
> The above was to illustrate the use of redirects to uniquely tag URLs, 
> without any use consent. 
> Nothing to do with data: URI. 
> Even though a data URI could contains resources which could trigger 
> network activities.

Hm, I'm not a security or browser developer but do you have an example of a "data URI" that would trigger network activities in Gemini? I thought that Gemini spec was designed in a way to prevent that from happening.

Also: do you know any Gemini client that inlines images from non-local domains without explicit consent from the user? If so, we should open an issue because that is clearly against the spirit of Gemini. 

Regarding the request/response workflow you describe above: tracking happens already at the first request (and thanks to IPv6 every client has one or more unique IP addresses, and thanks to TLS every client has a unique signature in the request payload). 

- Louis

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