Math Notation in Gemini?

filip at filip at
Wed Feb 17 19:00:38 GMT 2021

It would be excellent for gemini to render mathematical notation but as
was said such a requirement conflicts with the core concepts of the
However, much of mathematical notation (a lot of diagrams (category theory), for example) can be reasonably well rendered as ASCII art.
The only problem is that it might be to tedious to manually set so I was
wondering - is there some TikZ-to-ASCII or at lease diagram-to-ASCII

On Tue, 16 Feb 2021, Jonathan Lane wrote:

> Recently I found some people interested in Gemini as a research sharing format.  Their one requested extension was inline rendering of mathematical notation via Groff MS or TeX syntax.  Would this be something that could be handled as a special client side handler for links to documents containing the fragments, like how Lagrange handles inline image expansion on link select?  I do see the appeal, but I don't want to introduce the weight of Roff or MathML or TeX into the Gemtext format spec.

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