Search forms and server side search scripting?

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at
Thu Feb 18 08:07:31 GMT 2021

I've looked at the Gemini specification [1] and wonder where I can find
information about receiving search or other input from the client.
Perhaps I am missing something obvious, as I see that there are a
growing number of interesting, searchable capsules [2] but have not yet
seen how to do that.  My goal is to implement a local search function
for a capsule being built.

So I have two questions,

1) What markup should a gemini page contain to trigger an input dialog,
and where may I see some sample code or pseudo code for the server-side?
 If anyone has any sample- psuedo code to share, that would be wonderful.

2) Which servers are light yet can still handle referrals to scripts, or
is that best handled by a separate package and let the server deal with
static pages only?



[2] e.g. gemini://

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