[tech] gmnhg v0.1.1 (Hugo-to-Gemini site converter)

Timur Demin me at tdem.in
Fri Feb 19 21:37:41 GMT 2021

So this piece of software got a bugfix release [1] that:

* fixes gmnhg crash when site directory doesn't contain static/ dir
* fixes an additional trailing newline rendered in any Markdown file

Of course I totally had to break the public API of the library in a bugfix 
release, but v0 kinda made that decision lighter to make.

If anyone missed that (and it was not very hard to miss that, considering I 
never announced its release on this list at the first place, only posting that 
to awesome-gemini [2]), gmnhg is a program that generates a static Gemini site 
that can be hosted with any static Gemini server (I use Satellite [3] myself) 
from your existing Hugo content, with a minimal set of additional templates. The 
repo also includes a library to convert Markdown to Gemtext, and md2gmn, a 
simple frontend to the library.

There are limits to what the renderer can handle (most notably links in lists, 
which IIRC weren't tackled due to a gomarkdown bug), but it still makes writing 
cross-web/Gemini content somewhat easier.

The piece of software is as far away as running:

% GO111MODULE=on go get -v git.tdem.in/tdemin/gmnhg/cmd/gmnhg at v0.1.1
% GO111MODULE=on go get -v git.tdem.in/tdemin/gmnhg/cmd/md2gmn at v0.1.1

is. The docs are perfectly readable with go doc.

[1]: https://git.tdem.in/tdemin/gmnhg/releases/tag/v0.1.1
[2]: https://github.com/kr1sp1n/awesome-gemini
[3]: https://sr.ht/~gsthnz/satellite/

Timur Demin
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