[ANN][users] Capsule hosting service

Vincent Finance vinishor at vinishor.xyz
Sat Feb 20 12:21:22 GMT 2021

Hello everyone.

I'd like to share a small project I made after reading lots of mails in
this mailling-list. I liked the concept of gmi.si3t.ch, so I decided to
create a capsule hosting service on my OpenBSD VM. I use a chrooted
SFTP server to serve content.

It's open to everyone, even if the main page is in French only (might
translate it later in English, so don't worry). Currently, I'm hosting
my own capsule on it.

For its hostname, I chose unbon.cafe which means "A good coffee" in
French :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can mail me to this
address :)

See you later in gemspace!

=> gemini://unbon.cafe (in French)
=> gemini://unbon.cafe/vinishor My capsule in French


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