[SPEC] Users actions should only trigger an unique request

cage cage-dev at twistfold.it
Sun Feb 21 11:30:37 GMT 2021

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 11:42:25PM +0100, Solene Rapenne wrote:
> Hi,
> It doesn't seem that the specification is clear that requesting
> a page shouldn't download other resources.
> This raises concerns and questions about inline data, currently
> in-line pictures are supported by Lagrange browser (not a default
> though).
> Some people noticed /favicon.txt errors in their logs, it turned out
> the Amphora client implemented an Emoji favicon support (disabled by
> default)[1] which already help tracking Amphora users. Someone made
> a ticket to ask removing this feature [2] but per the spec, it is
> not allowed or forbidden.

I like  a lot the  favicon.txt but  i can see  the point, i  made this
feature opt-in in my client.


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