"Spy pixels in emails have become endemic"

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Sun Feb 21 20:24:17 GMT 2021

On February 18, 2021 3:24:34 AM UTC, Nathan Galt <mailinglists at ngalt.com>
> ... for all I know, might run the JavaScript.

SVGs when rendered as images (on the web) can't make network calls or run
JS. I assume libraries expose this option.

SVGs can be used in web browsers several ways. These are the places they
can run JS.

- They can be loaded standalone with no HTML (by browsing directly to the
- They can be inline as an <svg> tag
- They can be <embed>ded

They can also be used as an image, and can't run JS or make network
requests (ex. load fonts) if used this way
- They can be used as an <img> src
- They can be a CSS background

CSS and animations work everywhere.

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