[SPEC] Are (simple) commenting systems explicitly unsupported by gemini?

Thomas M thomas5max at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 12:35:38 GMT 2021


as I understand it, currently only prompts for single-line inputs are
supported, and it seems this is mostly intended for queries to search
engines. This means, a (anonymous) commenting system could not be
implemented on a gemini page (except for one-line comments).

If multiline input prompts were possible, then you could implement a
commenting system like this: the user would click on a "Click to add
comment" link and then would get a text prompt where she could input a
comment and then submit. (Optionally, the text prompt could be edited in
an external editor.)

I understand that the protocol explicitly doesn't want to implement
complicated mechanisms like POST, but maybe it's possible to escape the
line breaks and submit a multiline input the same way a single-line
input can be submitted right now? (While I'm thinking about this, it
might also be nice to let the server specify a MIME type for the input.)

This system would still be far from the complexity of HTML forms
(essentially it's equivalent to only allowing a single <textarea>), but
might already be quite useful.


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