[spec] URL and URI links

PJ vM pjvm742 at disroot.org
Mon Feb 22 15:49:55 GMT 2021

On 2/22/21 9:06 AM, Vasilii Kolobkov wrote:
> The specification has URLs for link lines.  Is that an intentional 
> choice over a broader URI category?
> I'm thinking about using text/gemini outside Gemini protocol and
> would likely use some form of URNs for links.  There is also a
> lovely urn:isbn: namespace that's left behind.

I cannot read Solderpunk's mind of course, but I strongly suspect the
exclusion is unintentional, because I can't think of anything wrong with
URNs in gemtext.

As Oliver Simmons says, it is already being done. It would be nearly
impossible to keep URNs out anyway: URNs and URLs use the same URI
syntax, so one cannot generally tell whether a URI is a URN or a URL
without understanding the scheme.

I guess it should maybe be changed to say "URI" in the spec.


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