[tech] [spec] On extending gemini

Pierre-Jean Baraud pierre-jean at baraud.fr
Mon Feb 22 17:07:52 GMT 2021

Hello everyone,

Drew DeVault wrote:
> The only means we have of regulating this behavior is by making a
> statement with our client and server implementations.

> Most recently, favicons. Contrary to Sean's nasty comments, I am only
> making statements on behalf of *my* software, not Gemini as a whole, and
> I have every right to. You have every right to make statements on behalf
> of your software, too. Clients like Amfora have already done so by
> implementing favicons. Mine is a statement of opposition, and we will
> ultimately have to come to some kind of consensus. This is how protocol
> ecosystems work.

I am very new to the game (this is my first mail in this mailing list) and
I never really participated in any "protocol ecosystems" in making.
Nevertheless, is there not a risk in that game that's
the most popular implementation defines the rule and hence, the game
is not being right, but being popular?

> Finally, to clarify the role of srht.site: I did not intend to issue an
> unstated threat of leveraging srht.site's influence to strong-arm Amfora
> in this respect. There is not a case of "deliberate timing" here. My
> statement regarding the possibility of black holeing was only with
> respect to gmnisrv, which is a minority player in the field of Gemini
> servers. I don't intend to shove this view onto all users of srht.site -
> that's well beyond the scope of appropriate influence. I understand why
> this was not clear, and I'm sorry for the confusion.

That is very nice to clarify that. But it still raises the concern of
such risk in
future by an actor of similar size: will the stick not overcome any
rational debate?

Also, unrelated, but I have learnt a lot from this mailing list through these
different debates and I think I start to have a better idea now of
Gemini's philosophy
thanks to you all (and I'm sure many of my first intuitions would have
first been
considered as anti-pattern / recreating the web)·
This learning has been very organic, almost chaotic and only thanks to
the people
posting "wrong" initiatives here as the answer they receive served for me as
guidelines as "Gemini philosophy".
Is there anywhere a more structured document, the equivalent of "unix
but for Gemini that would express the intention behind some of the
of the platform that a newbie like me could refer to instead of
learning "by chance"
this through some response here and there (and sorry if it is an obvious link
that I am not aware about) ?

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