[users][tech][ANN] rawnix.org gemini hosting and ESP8266 Gemini Server

Solene Rapenne solene at perso.pw
Mon Feb 22 22:09:13 GMT 2021

On Mon, 22 Feb 2021 22:56:29 +0100
fab <fab at rawnix.org>:

> Hello!
> This is my first post on this mailinglist and I want to introduce some
> services and a Gemini Server for the ESP8266 microcontroller.
> At first I want to announce my Gemini Hosting Site, where whoever wants
> to can have his own capsule in the form of rawnix.org/~username/ .
> There are also furher plans, which I follow when there's demand.
> gemini://rawnix.org/
> The second announcement is about a Gemini Server for the ESP8266
> microcontroller I'm tinkering around with. It's hosted on Bitbucket, so
> the link to the sourcecode is:
> https://bitbucket.org/-fab-/esp8266-gemserver
> And as a personal introduction my home capsule:
> gemini://rawnix.org/~fab/
> There's not much on it yet but I hope there will be organic growth over
> time.
> I haven't set up a webserver for this domain yet, but I've planned to
> only link to the gemini content on it.
> -fab-

hello, I can't connect.

It seems the TLS handshake can't be done for some reasons.

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