[tech] [spec] On extending gemini

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at sources.org
Tue Feb 23 07:38:26 GMT 2021

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 07:16:26PM -0500,
 Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> wrote 
 a message of 178 lines which said:

> Gemini *is* an expansion of gopher, not
> a reimagining of the web.  Citing primary sources here (Solderpunk himself):
> gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space/0/~solderpunk/phlog/pondering-whats-inbetween-gopher-and-the-web.txt
> 	It's no secret, of course, that I love gopher.

While the historical debate is very interesting (I wasn't there, and I
love to learn about how things became what they are), it does not help
a lot with current discussions such as "should we extend Gemini with
this or that?" I guess (just a guess: no social scientist made a
serious survey of geminists yet) that most geminauts today never used
Gopher and even do not know about it. They want something better than
the Web for some usages and they do not refer to an old protocol.

Gemini faces a strategic issue: is it a system for a few Gopher
nostalgics or is it something that may be presented and promoted to a
wider audience? (No, I don't target "world domination".)

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