Supporting multi-line input without changing the specification

Sandra Snan sandra.snan at
Tue Feb 23 10:56:25 GMT 2021

avr wrote:
> a client that allows for normal edits but translates those into sed
> commands when updating the page

These kinds of suggestions are along the line of having a client that
supports translating *asterisks* to emphasis, translating <font
family="foo"> to a specific font family, and so on.

There's nothing stopping anyone from implementing that kind of thing at
any moment and if it's gets traction it'll get traction. We're in a
similar situation as what broke the pre-standards web.

There's not a lot me or anyone else can do about that so I don't worry
too much about it♫🐞

However, for sending text I recommend email.

Here's an idea for how a wiki in a world where spam didn't exist could

You send email to an address. The text of the page at the path that
matches the subject of that email is then set to the body of the email.

Whether that subject is "nice/orderly/unixy/path" or "Completely bonkers
with spaces that'll need to get percent-encoded and trunced to match the
1024 limit."

If people want to edit they can paste the old text into their new email.

This is just from the top of my head and not something I'd put into
production any time soon.

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