[SPEC] Backwards-compatible metadata in Gemini

Baschdel baschdel at disroot.org
Tue Feb 23 16:16:17 GMT 2021

On 22.02.21 21:16, Bradley D. Thornton wrote:
 > On 2/21/2021 4:46 PM, Oliver Simmons wrote:
 >> On Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 20:21, easrng <easrng at gmail.com> wrote:
 >>> [snip]
 > I'm not going to weigh in here on the virtues of this, but wouldn't the
 > following be more applicable?
 > # My Super cool gemsite
 > ```data:text/gemini-metadata+json;charset=ut.......
 > Welcome!
 > ```

Ok I think have to throw in my two ct here …

# Please don't do fancy data link black magic in gemtext.

The reason we (at lest I) like gemtext is that it's easy to read and 
write, and that for both humans and machines. Putting metadata behind 
two or three layers of encoding and/or hiding it in elements that were 
not intended to store page metadata won't make it easier to parse it 
(for both)!

I personally like Oliver's approach, that makes the metadata both 
machine and human readable and forces it to the end of the document, so 
that it stays out of the way on clients that don't have support for 
hiding it.

## Meta about metadata

Of course we have to standardize some keys and value types to make the 
metadata actually useful for machines, but in a way that is human 
readable/writable and easy to parse.
No "anything that <command> can parse" is not a good standard at all,
if that approach had been used for gemtext it would have turned into a 
mess pretty quickly and nobody would care.

- Baschdel

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