Clients that auto-display inline images?

nervuri nervuri at
Tue Feb 23 18:34:53 GMT 2021

Hans Gerwitz wrote yesterday about the "inevitability of inline media
display" [1], which is a thought I also had.  Someone is going to
implement it, it will be a crowd-pleaser, other clients will follow and
we'll start seeing pages "best viewed in...".  The incentive is there,
no matter what the spec says (and the spec is actually ambiguous on this
point [2]).

Has it already happened?  Are there Gemini clients that display inline
images automatically?

I know Vulpes does [3], but it's a web proxy, not a "native" browser,
and it doesn't load third-party images.  Lagrange has a "load image on
scroll" option, which includes third-party images, but only applies to
keyboard-triggered scolling.  Are there any others?


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