How do get Gemini URL to appear in post?

Omar Polo op at
Tue Feb 23 19:43:17 GMT 2021

ew.gemini <ew.gemini at> writes:

> Hello Omar,
> Omar Polo writes:
>> P.S. Speaking of such, I'll be grateful if someone knows how to mark
>> gemini links inside mu4e (in mu4e-view-mode.)
> I came across a few links which enabled me to properly markup
> gemini links in emacs/org-mode, see:
> => gemini://
> Down that path might wait, what you are looking for.

Thanks for sharing!

I added your bit of elisp to my config, but it handles only gemini links
inside org documents, which I don't use very often.  But digging around
I ended up with something that seems to work in other buffers too:

    ;; mu4e specific:
    (setq mu4e~view-beginning-of-url-regexp

    ;; generic: (?)

    (add-to-list 'thing-at-point-uri-schemes "gemini://")

    (defun my/browse-url-elpher (url &rest _args)
      "Open URL with `elpher-go'."
      (elpher-go url))

    (add-to-list 'browse-url-default-handlers
                 '("\\`gemini:" . my/browse-url-elpher))

With this I'm able to M-x browse-url with the point near a Gemini link
and open it on elpher!


> Ciao,
> ~ew

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